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You don’t have to live with pain anymore.

Saleeby Chiropractic Centre uses State of The Art technology to get you on the road to good health.

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The Saleeby Difference

We specialize in helping you live a pain-free life by finding and treating the cause of your pain.

We are drug-free Chiropractic Physicians that makes a difference in the lives of our patients and families. Our goals are to relieve pain and to correct the underlying causes in an efficient manner so that once the correction is made, it is sustained. We strive to educate patients regarding spinal hygiene, exercise, and activities of daily living so that together we obtain and maintain the best results.

The Most Advanced Chiropractic Technology in North Carolina

Digital Motion X-Ray

Thermographic Temperature Readings

Thermographic Temperature Readings

Computerized Force Analysis & Recording Instrument

Treatment Applications

Our high-tech approach allows for precision, safety and corrective outcomes.

Saleeby Chiropractic in Raleigh, NC utilizes state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and correct Vertebral Subluxations (structural and mechanical abnormalities of the spine). Our technology provides objective information on each visit and allows us to identify the exact location and application of the adjustment. We do not use traditional Chiropractic methods (i.e. twist, pop and snap) and no high velocity rotary manipulative techniques.

Highly recommend! The office staff is friendly and efficient. Doctor Saleeby is excellent. He listened to all my concerns and took time to explain his processes.

When I came in, the referred pain in my back was making it difficult to sleep and even breathe. After just a few weeks the pain is effectively non-existent! I will continue to make periodic visits to make sure I can maintain and sustain an active lifestyle; pain free.

– Reed P.

Are you ready to live a life without pain?

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