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Our Technology

Digital Motion X-Ray

This state of the art technology images the segmental motion of the spine. It provides precise and accurate diagnostic information, and it is essential in correlating and interpreting additional diagnostic tests such as the Thermographic Temperature Nerve Scans and the Computerized Force Recording and Analysis Instrument.

Thermographic Temperature Nerve Scans

These nerve scans measure spinal nerve thermographic skin temperature and detect areas of deficiency and interference. These objective scans are valuable gauging clinical responses from one visit to another. They are also indicators when patients’ conditions are becoming stable.

Computerized Force Recording and Analysis Instrument

This instrument, through the use of a percussive probe precisely and objectively measures specific vertebral motion. It correlates data from from Static and Digital Motion X-rays and Thermographic Temperature Nerve Scans to determine the application of the adjustment/treatment on each visit. The application is administered with the probe and percussive impulses. The sensors determine the exact amount of force and frequency each vertebral segment receives. It also provides pre-treatment and post-treatment responses on each visit.

Treatment Applications

Chiropractic adjustments/treatments are computer assisted, table assisted and manual. There is no twisting, popping or high velocity manipulations. Specially designed tables with hydraulic drop sections assist the manual adjustments. The Computerized Force Recording and Analysis Instrument has sensors that gauge the applications of the treatments by using percussive pulses. There are shut off sensors that stop the treatment once the motion/position of the vertebra is restored.

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